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When it comes to planning out your marketing campaigns, an omnichannel strategy with strong digital components is a tried-and-true approach. Omnichannel strategies, where multiple channels work together to communicate with customers and advertise products and services, cast a broad net to account for the full spectrum of consumer preferences and purchasing behaviors.

Accommodating customers through a range of channels is a smart business play with a tangible return on investment. Research indicates that using three or more channels in a campaign can generate a 494 percent higher order rate than what can be achieved through the efforts of a single channel. *

There are many possible tactics that be utilized in an omnichannel strategy, and ones that cater to mobile devices should play a leading role. Mobile devices continue to rise in popularity and prevalence, and that means more people are using them to shop as well as take care of daily tasks such as paying bills and booking appointments.

With people spending more time connected to their phones and other mobile devices, SMS or texting tactics can be game changers. SMS campaigns keep people connected to brands on the go, and once again, research indicates that the conversion results can be pretty eye-opening. Compared to single-channel campaigns, omnichannel campaigns with a SMS component were 429 percent more likely to end in conversion! Additionally, campaigns with push messages – a common way to use SMS for marketing – boasted an order rate that was 614 percent higher than single-channel campaigns. *

One example of a marketing program with a texting component is Throttle®, a complete, intelligent marketing communications tool from Matrix Imaging Solutions. Throttle helps automotive companies stay in close contact with their customers throughout the customer journey with timely, omnichannel communications and service reminders based on their unique driving habits and servicing history. From acquisition through retention, Throttle takes the guesswork and labor out of customer communications while freeing up the shop staff’s time.  

Throttle offers a simple and secure text payment option that is seamless and contactless. It allows customers to pay for their services at the point of sale without the need to go to the counter, creating an overall greater experience for the customer and the shop. Throttle uses multiple touch points including texts, postcards and emails, allowing users to easily generate a year-round marketing program that keeps their brand top of mind and customers coming back for more.

Whether it’s Throttle or another program, Matrix can help you put together an omnichannel marketing strategy that simplifies customer communications and delivers results. Contact us today to get started.

*Source: Omnisend, 2022.