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We’ve got some news to share that might impact many of our clients: the United States Postal Service (USPS) is set to increase rates for Market Dominant products, including First Class and Marketing Mail, starting July 14, 2024. This will mean an average increase of about 7.755% across different mail categories.

This is the second straight year the USPS has raised rates in January and July, with no end in sight. The July increase includes not only to the increase in the Consumer Price Index, but also the other pricing authority the USPS has to cover increases in delivery and retirement costs.

At Matrix, we strive to keep our customers ahead of the curve and ready for changes like this. We want to make sure these updates don’t throw a wrench in your plans or your budget.

Why Not Go Digital?

To help you dodge these rate hikes, we recommend checking out our digital options. Switching to digital mail—think emails and downloadable docs from a secure client portal—can really cut down your mailing costs. Plus, it’s fast and super convenient.

Benefits of Going Digital:

  • Saves Money: Forget about worrying over postal rate increases.
  • Super Fast: Your documents fly across the internet and land where they need to be in no time.
  • Green: Less paper, less waste, better for our planet.

We think it’s a great time for our current and future customers to explore these digital solutions. Not only are they kinder to your wallet, but they also help us all do our bit for the environment.

Got Questions?

If you’re wondering about how these USPS changes might affect you or how you can switch to our digital services, please reach out. We’re here to help and make this transition as smooth as possible for you.

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