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When details count, turn to DocuPrint POD for all your document management and print fulfillment needs. Our hosted ecommerce ordering and onsite inventory management services will ensure that you can focus on your customers experience while Docuprint POD ensures you have the supplies you need. Trust DocuPrint POD to protect and enhance your brand. Whether digital, print, print-on-demand, a t-shirt or a notepad, we guarantee your brand will retain its essence. Because we appreciate that, at its core, your brand is what makes you unique.

DocuPrint POD delivers:
  • Brand Management
  • Onsite Inventory Management
  • Hosted eCommerce Solution
  • Commercial Printing
  • Print-on-Demand
  • Digital Printing
  • Custom Forms & Checks
  • Filing Systems
  • Direct Mail
  • Data Management


With a wide selection of embroidered and screen-printed apparel, executive gifts, awards and much more. DocuPrint POD Promotional Products is your single source for all promotional needs.

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I’ve been using Throttle in all of my shops for over 12 years. Throttle is key to retaining our customers and keeping them coming back to us. If you’re not regularly sending your customers emails, texts and postcards with coupons, it almost opens the door to your competition to try to get them. Retain who you have, and lock them in with a solid reminder program like Throttle.

Steve Sarrantonio, SpeeDeeThrottle is my first form of marketing in this industry.”

Our customers can go anywhere for vehicle maintenance; however Throttle helps keep that from happening. Using their customer interval cards keeps our presence within customer reach as their vehicle maintenance becomes due. Our customers are important to Throttle and that says a lot!

Kim Hawksworth, Grease Monkey

Everybody tells you they have a marketing plan that will work. YADA YADA YADA! After 38 years in this business, I have heard, seen, or tried just about everything. The proof is in the pudding. After starting with Throttle, my car counts have been up SIGNIFICANTLY every month over the previous year! Coincidence? I don't think so. NOTHING ELSE NEED BE SAID.

Patrick Dattilio, Grease Monkey

Exporting our residential invoices and statements to a third-party mailing house is a necessity for us. CSRs spend less time folding and stuffing into envelopes and more time focused on more productive and valuable duties. During peak season, this can save hours every month in each store. The cost is very affordable, especially when compared to the printing and labor costs it takes to produce them in-house. I also love the flexibility of formatting we get by having our printing partner design the layout. Any field available in the data file from Cargas can be placed in the precise place on the page we want, we can add additional advertising panels, print in full color, and have an easily detachable payment coupon.

Cathy Adams, Van Unen Miersma Propane

Everything about using a mail house has worked to our advantage, from the cost savings to the time our internal team has gained back by outsourcing this function. The added bonus was how happy the customers were to make this transition-we were able to give them more information on their statements and the feedback we received was very positive. Having happy customers made the transition over to the mail house even easier than we had anticipated. Our partnership with the mail house is so successful that we now use them for all of our marketing mailings

Heather Ussery-Thompson, Rhoads Energy