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Matrix Imaging Solutions is a full-service, customer communications partner offering digital solutions, transactional print and mail and direct mail through a variety of omnichannel delivery methods. For 35 years, Matrix has been a leading outsourced provider of transactional communications across a variety of verticals. Matrix’s reputation for excellence is based upon creative solutions and long-term investment in our clients’ success.


We are dedicated to connecting people through reliable communications by delivering innovative digital and print solutions.


To lead the industry in providing proven personalized communication solutions.

John L. Hartwell

Chief Executive Officer

Brian Snyder

Chief Sales Officer

Brian Ray

Chief Information Officer/Compliance

Katie F. Thompson

SVP, Operations-NY

Curtis Nelson

SVP, Operations-TX

Sara Kosowsky

Senior Director of Marketing

35 Reasons to Enter the Matrix

Matrix is thrilled to celebrate 35 years in business. Reflecting on our modest start, it’s astonishing to see how far we’ve come and how much we’ve evolved. Yet, one constant has guided us—our unwavering dedication to keeping people connected in the most convenient ways. Whether it’s receiving a bill by mail or having the choice to pay via SMS, Matrix is committed to connection.

Our journey began in 1988 as a company specializing in forms management, storage, inventory and distribution. Within just a few years, we outgrew our initial location and had to move. Originating in the ARM industry, we expanded our reach to serve multiple sectors, necessitating another move. In 2003, we settled into our “forever home” in Sanborn, NY. While we’ve continued to grow, we haven’t just expanded our Sanborn facility. We’ve strategically acquired other transactional communications companies, adding production locations across the United States. Each acquisition, new hire and technological advance enhances our ability to serve our clients.

Below, you’ll find 35 reasons why clients have chosen to enter the Matrix for the past 35 years. We’re excited about the prospect of connecting people for another 35 years and beyond.

  1. Matrix is dedicated to connecting people through reliable communications by delivering innovative digital and print solutions.
  2. On average, our customers have been working with us for 15 years. That loyalty goes both ways.
  3. Matrix remains at the forefront of industry trends and invests in state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure. This allows them to help their clients stay competitive in an increasingly digital world.
  4. With Matrix E-solutions, you receive updates at any time, your documents are archived and you can use e-bill payment services.
  5. We take security seriously. Whether cameras and badge access onsite or encryption and compliances in the cloud, your data is protected.
  6. We keep it all under one roof. We offer full-service, well-rounded solutions to your communications and marketing needs – all accomplished through one point of contact.
  7. We empower your customers. They can choose how they want to receive communications and how to pay their bills.
  8. We have an online customer portal, Matrix Remote. Your customers can access their files and information 24/7.
  9. We have been in the ARM industry for over 35 years. Our very first clients were in collections, so you can trust that we know what we’re doing.
  10. By harnessing the power of technology and leveraging its expertise in customer communications, Matrix has helped countless businesses achieve their goals by effectively engaging their target audiences.
  11. We have a dedicated ARM portal. We make it easy for your customers to pay their bills.
  12. Our E-Solutions allow for accountability, precision and on-demand data availability.
  13. Matrix saves you money. We handle software integration, hardware implementation, data storage, redundancy, maintenance and administration of systems.
  14. Matrix enables you to better market products and services to your customers, keeping them informed.
  15. Matrix covers all of your Direct Mail needs. From finding your target audience to producing high-performing tactics with measurable results, we support you every step of the way.
  16. Matrix offers paperless options. You can save on paper, postage, envelopes and labor by going paperless with Matrix.
  17. E-Solutions allow you to upload job requests, which automatically places them into our production queue.
  18. Matrix helps you get paid more often. Allow customers to set up recurring payments, payment plans, partial payments and designated payments through our portal.
  19. Matrix goes above and beyond with security standards. Our multiple print locations are each highly secured both in terms of cybersecurity and physical points of entry.
  20. Matrix works with you. You’re not locked into a rigid framework. Begin with statement presentment and add payment modules as you go.
  21. Throttle sends service reminders based on unique driving habits and service history. By interfacing directly with your POS system, Throttle helps you keep your brand top of mind.
  22. We take privacy seriously. Matrix is HIPAA compliant and SSAE-18 SOC 2 Type 2 certified.
  23. We customize designs, add eye-catching graphics, utilize creative envelopes and can include personalized messaging and inserts on your bills, invoices and statements. This optimizes response rates.timizes response rates.
  24. Matrix improves your customers’ billing experience by providing your customers with flexible, convenient bill presentment and payment options.
  25. Matrix saves you money. We bring you postal savings through our postal discounts and efficiencies.
  26. Matrix has custom programming of address cleansing and bad address blocking. This increases deliverability and saves you money.
  27. We offer DocuPrint POD Promotional Products as your single source for all of your promotional needs. We have a wide selection of embroidered and screen-printed apparel, executive gifts, awards and much more.
  28. Throttle is key to retaining your customers. When services are due, Throttle sends timely coupons through email, text and postcards, which ensures high customer retention.
  29. With Matrix, customers don’t need to waste time folding and stuffing envelopes. They can focus on more productive and valuable duties, saving hours every month.
  30. Matrix pricing is affordable, especially when compared to the printing and labor costs it takes to produce communications in-house.
  31. Customers enjoy the flexibility of formatting they get by having Matrix design the layout. Customers can add additional advertising panels, print in full color and have an easily detachable payment coupon.
  32. Throttle is a complete, intelligent marketing communications tool that helps automotive companies stay in close contact with their customers throughout the customer journey. From acquisition through retention, Throttle takes the guesswork and labor out of customer communications. Our customer interval cards keep your business top of mind as their vehicle maintenance becomes due.
  33. We offer DocuPrint POD for all your document management and print fulfillment needs. You can focus on your customer’s experience while Docuprint POD ensures you have the supplies you need.
  34. Not only are our clients happy, but your customers are too! With Matrix, you are able to give them the information they want to see on their statements.
  35. Matrix has always adapted to digital transformation and continuously evolves its offerings to meet the demands of the modern business landscape.