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The USPS has announced that starting May 1st, First-Class Package Service standards will change. This mirrors the changes the USPS did last fall for First-Class Letter mail. By loosening the delivery standards for packages going a further distance, it reduces the USPS dependence on less reliable air freight, and at a lower cost.

Here is the breakdown of the overall impact:

Source: USPS DFA_FCP_Factsheet.pdf

Along with this announcement, the USPS announced that Priority Mail currently transported by ground will now be delivered in the standard delivery window (1-3 days) instead of the 2-4 days, which was an adjustment made in April 2020 due to supply chain COVID issues.

The USPS is making this change as a part of their 10-year plan to reduce costs, and provide reliable delivery.

Here is a visual of what that looks like with mail originating from Matrix (based on First Class Letter delivery)

Source: USPS mail delays: What it means in your Zip code – Washington Post

Mailers are encouraged to add tracking to packages to see how this affects your mailings.

Mailers with time-sensitive shipments should investigate if Priority Mail is right for their projects.