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Offering customers digital and print bill pay options is a great way to streamline business operations while demonstrating customer centricity. However, companies sometimes balk at the idea of e-solutions because they’re not sure where to start or fear the implementation will be complicated.

If that’s the case, it may be time to bring in a partner to help you scale your business while removing the guesswork. Here are some ways that outsourcing the e-solutions process can benefit your organization and propel you down the road to success.

Minimize IT costs. From choosing which software to use to the developer hours needed to successfully implement the chosen software, IT costs can add up quickly. And with many possible options, the IT world can be cumbersome to navigate. A partner that handles software integration, hardware implementation, data storage, redundancy, maintenance and administration of systems can reduce complexity while keeping your costs manageable.

Cross-sell more. Savvy businesses know that it costs less to keep existing customers than to find new ones, which makes cross-sell opportunities very appealing. Opening digital channels allows you to better market products and services to your customers, keeping them close and informed.

Store less. Keeping items in physical storage adds a costly budget line item. You may be able to put your cash to better use by taking items out of inventory and instead housing them safely online through a secure partner.

Pare down postage. While there are reasons to make direct mail a mainstay of your marketing program, expenses from paper, postage, envelopes and labor can rapidly add up if this is your only way to communicate with customers. Incorporating e-solutions into your marketing mix can reduce some of these expenses while giving you another reliable, trackable way to reach customers.

Complete the cycle. Providing customers with additional payment options can help your company get paid more often and with less delinquency. E-solutions facilitate on-time payments by allowing customers to set up recurring payments, payment plans, partial payments and designated payments.

Enjoy flexibility. By utilizing e-solutions, you’re not locked into a rigid framework. You can begin with one element such as statement presentment and add payment modules as you go. This gives your company the option to make changes as they suit the business or your customer base.

When you’re ready to take advantage of all that e-solutions have to offer, we can help. Matrix specializes in the automated, electronic environment. Through comprehensive, integrated e-solutions, we can improve your business efficiencies and maximize your targeted growth. Paperless with Matrix means accountability, precision and on-demand data availability.

An expanded world of customer communications is waiting, and we can make the journey simple for you. Contact us today to get started.