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Close-up Of Man’s Hand Taking Letter From Mailbox Outside House

As companies become increasingly focused on digital marketing strategies it may be tempting to write direct mail off as passé. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Research shows that direct mail continues to be an impactful way to interact with customers, and for many, it’s their preferred method of communication.

According to SmallBizGenius, 73 percent of American consumers prefer to receive mail over email because it gives them the flexibility to read on their own schedule. And, 42 percent of recipients do go on to read or skim their mail. That’s a big opportunity, especially when you consider that email campaigns often have an open rate of less than 23 percent.

And, direct mail produces results: recent data indicates that direct mail convinced 39 percent of customers to try a business for the first time, making it an extremely effective tool for companies who would like to grow and reach new customers.

It’s clear that direct mail has earned its position as a mainstay of marketing outreach. Here are a few best practices to create direct mail campaigns that deliver results:

  • Start with a quality distribution list. Maximize your direct mail investment by defining your target audience using demographic and zip code data. Lists can be purchased or rented, or you can build out your own list using in-house data. Getting this step right will help ensure your direct mail campaign reaches the right households and businesses.
  • Include a clear call to action. Direct mail readers are likely to take action, so provide specific direction to help them out. Include a website address or scannable QR code for people to learn more information. Consider using an incentive, such as a coupon code, to encourage readers to act promptly. Remember to factor measurement into this step so you’ll know how your campaign performed.
  • Make direct mail part of your omnichannel campaigns. Omnichannel marketing combines the best of both worlds, bringing together online and offline efforts to reach more consumers and potential customers. This approach keeps the customer experience at the core of marketing, right where it belongs, by offering customers the option to interact with companies in their preferred way.

When you’re ready to up your direct mail game, we’re here to help. Matrix is a full-service direct mail solutions provider. Our complete printing production facilities create marketing pieces that increase your response rates, and our innovative designs get your customers to open and read the mail. And with proprietary camera verification systems, we track each piece to ensure it gets delivered to the USPS correctly and efficiently, providing you with quality assurance, peace of mind and cost savings.

We know supply chain concerns are top of mind for businesses, and it’s important to anticipate challenges to keep marketing campaigns running on schedule. At Matrix we process, print, fulfill, sort, score, glue and utilize our on-site USPS reps for compliance and best practices to save you time and postage costs while keeping printing and mailing processes as efficient as possible.

Direct mail is always a good option for new business and customer retention campaigns. Contact us today to get started.