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It’s #TeamWorkTuesday! This week we’re happy to welcome our new marketing intern to the team! Gianna Kenney is a senior at University at Buffalo- only 20 minutes away from Matrix’s Sanborn office. She is pursuing a degree in communications with a business management minor, with plans to graduate this May. In her free time, she enjoys reading and traveling. Gianna will be working directly with our Senior Director of Marketing, Sara Kosowsky, for the next few months in support of various projects. Some of her tasks will include market research, SWOT analyses, creating social media posts and developing social media plans.

Gianna brings a mix of skills with her; some being Microsoft Excel, social media marketing, social media management, research and analysis. She gained hands-on experience through a previous marketing internship, an Executive Board position of Marketing Management and from being a small business owner and operator. Gianna hopes to gain more experience and continue to learn through this opportunity. We are confident that she will be an asset to our marketing efforts, and we look forward to all she will accomplish over the next few months.

Please join us in welcoming Gianna to the team!

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Gianna Kenny

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