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In today’s fast-paced world, customers are increasingly turning to digital solutions for their wants and needs. From payment options to customer service and product communications, consumers expect the companies they do business with to provide them with a seamless, convenient digital experience that prioritizes their preferences and lets them engage on their terms.

Just how much are customers relying on digital channels? Consider these statistics:

  • In 2022, the average person spent six hours and 37 minutes per day online.1
  • Customers are looking for information on-the-go, as more than half of all online searches are conducted on mobile devices.2
  • B2C texting is rising in popularity, with 76 percent of consumers currently receiving texts from at least one business.3
  • The vast majority of consumers – 82 percent – indicate they would go paperless if they received a more engaging digital experience.4

It’s clear that customers not only prefer a digital-first approach; they expect it. Companies that rise to the occasion have the opportunity to outperform their competitors and solidify long-lasting customer relationships by tangibly demonstrating their commitment to put customer preferences first.

What does a customer-centric, digital-first approach look like? Here are a few key boxes to check to make sure your approach matches customer needs.

  1. Convenience: Customers want access to information anytime, anywhere and from any device. Invest in mobile-friendly webpages and active social media channels to give customers the accessibility they crave.
  • Personalization: Customers expect the companies they engage with to know their preferences and provide them with personalized recommendations and offers. To meet these demands, companies must tap into data to get to know their customers better and customize the entire customer journey.
  • Speed: Fast, efficient communications that provide a quick response to customers’ questions or problems are a must. Add self-serve options like texting and chatbots to remove any unnecessary hurdles to immediate customer service.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Today’s consumers have choice, and they want value for their money. While digital solutions may require corporate investment, make sure they remain economical for customers. Companies may even find ways to streamline their own operating costs and pass on savings to consumers.

At Matrix, we’ve been offering digital solutions for years; we find them to be the perfect complement to our proven print capabilities. By leveraging the strengths of both digital and print, we can provide the best possible experience for our customers and give them tools to improve business efficiencies and maximize targeted growth. We offer a wide range of digital solutions, including our client portal Matrix Remote™ and hybrid bill pay options that drive the needle towards greater digital adoption.

Our commitment to digital-first solutions is at our core, and we look forward to helping you tap into the vast possibilities. Contact us today to get started.





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