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When it comes to fast and reliable communications, there may be no better option than text messaging. That’s because most people not only own a mobile phone but use it often for sending and responding to text messages, and they want more businesses to get on the bandwagon.

Data indicates that almost all U.S. adults own a mobile phone. Not only is texting a reliable way to reach this large audience, for many customers it’s their ideal way of communicating with a business. 48 percent of consumers prefer direct communications from businesses to come via text message instead of phone calls or emails.

Additionally, interaction with text messages is astonishingly high. For instance, 95 percent of text messages are read and responded to within three minutes of receipt. And text messages with links have a click-thru rate of 19 percent, which is 15 percent higher than the click-through rate of emails.

For businesses, the implications of these trends are huge. Clearly, this is a prime opportunity for companies to use text message communications to bring value to customers while driving business growth. There are many ways companies can add text messages to their omnichannel marketing campaigns, so a good strategy is to start by considering what customer need communicating through text messages might fill.

Here are a few opportunities businesses could consider:

  • Build brand followers and increase sales with a loyalty program that sends customers special discounts and offers via text.
  • Give customers additional payment options by adding texting into your hybrid bill pay program, which can help avoid late payments and keep cash flow steady.
  • Send appointment reminders to decrease last-minute cancellations and no-show’s.
  • Learn valuable customer feedback after a scheduled service by sending a short, mobile-friendly survey.

One example of a successful texting program is Throttle®, a complete, intelligent CRM tool from Matrix Imaging Solutions. Throttle is an offering designed specifically for the automotive industry that takes the guesswork and labor out of customer communications. Companies use Throttle to stay connected to customers throughout the year with timely, omnichannel communications and service reminders based on their unique driving habits and servicing history.

In addition to providing valuable information to drivers, Throttle can reduce the hands-on time business owners spend on marketing efforts. By interfacing directly with their POS system, Throttle helps business owners keep their brand top of mind with customers while freeing them to focus on their shops. A simple and secure text payment option rounds out this comprehensive offering, making payment seamless and contactless.

From customer loyalty to streamlined billing, it’s time to explore the benefits of adding texting to your communications mix. Contact us today to get started.