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As our society becomes increasingly mobile and on-the-go, more and more customers are turning to digital channels for everything from shopping to paying bills, and savvy businesses are meeting them there.

While it’s a smart move to have a strong digital presence and cater to customer preferences, it’s equally important for companies to keep proven options such as direct mail as part of their marketing strategy. That’s because for all the benefits of going digital, direct mail continues to deliver. For example, consider that 90 percent of direct mail is opened, providing a substantially higher return than emails which generally receive only a 20-30 percent open rate.1

For the best return on investment, companies should tie tactics together to form a cohesive online to offline connection. Here are three ways you can use direct mail to support your digital strategy.

  1. Improve brand recognition. Brand recognition is a top priority for many companies, and direct mail is a great way to help customers get to know you. The majority of people who receive direct mail (75 percent) can recall a brand immediately; that number drops off to 44 percent for digital ads.1
  • Boost online sales. Direct mail can play a key role in your digital strategy by prompting online actions, as 46% of consumers say mail encourages them to go online for more information and 41% say it encourages a purchase.
  • Increase your chances. Advertising is a big investment for many companies, but is it paying off? Consider that the average American is exposed to as many as 10,000 ads every day! Spreading your investment across multiple channels instead of focusing on one can make a big difference, as customers are more likely to respond to an ad or promotion when they see it across multiple channels.

It’s clear that there’s still an important place for direct mail even in a digital world, and when you’re ready to unlock its benefits, we’re here to help. Matrix is a full-service direct mail solutions provider with communication options that enable you to create memorable customer experiences. From finding your target audience to producing high-performing tactics with measurable results, we support you every step of the way with a suite of end-to-end solutions that combine information with design best practices and enabled channels. Our complete printing production facilities create marketing pieces that increase your response rates, and our innovative designs get your customers to open and read the mail.

Direct mail is a tried-and-true option for a reason; it works! Contact us today to see for yourself.

1 Source: smallbizgenius