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On Monday, November 28th, the Postal Regulatory Commission approved the USPS postage rate increase proposal. This increase covers the USPS “Market Dominant” products, which include First Class and Marketing Mail. This pricing will take effect January 22, 2023.

Overall, the USPS is reporting a 4.2% increase in postage, but there is significant variation within the rates. Presorted First-Class letter mixed AADC rate increase is 3.1%, but a Presorted First-Class Flat at 3 Digit rates is increasing by 17.6%.

On Thursday, November 10th, the USPS submitted a rate increase for their competitive products, which include Priority Mail. Overall, the retail prices will increase an average of 6.7% over the August 2022 rates. As a result, some of the new prices for January will be lower than the Temporary Seasonal rates, and some will be higher. The PRC is expected to rule on this proposal later in December.

For a comparison of some common rates, please see below:

USPS Jan 2023 rates

For more information, the complete USPS price sheet can be found at:

January Price Change 2023 | Postal Explorer (