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On September 19th, the United States Postal Service (USPS) announced they will NOT be charging a “seasonal adjustment” this year for package shipments. This sets them apart from UPS and FedEx, who have both announced their seasonal surcharges (UPS Oct. 30 – Jan. 14, FedEx Oct. 2 – Jan. 14).

The USPS has beefed up their package processing by installing 348 new package processing machines since 2001, 100 of those since peak season last year. 47 more will be installed over the coming months. Their capacity has increased by over 10 million packages, and they are counting on this pricing strategy will leverage that capacity.

The USPS also likes to remind us that they deliver to residential addresses and on Saturdays for no extra charge.

Happy Holidays, Indeed!

For the complete press release, point your browser to:

 U.S. Postal Service Ready to Deliver for America During the Holidays – Newsroom –

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