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Email marketing offers many advantages and possibilities as a customer communications strategy. As many people are plugged into their email on a regular basis, this cost-effective option allows businesses to connect with customers quickly and efficiently. For instance, consider that almost all consumers confess to checking email daily1, and 88 percent of sent emails are opened within 24 hours.2 Email marketing is also flexible and trackable, providing a convenient way for businesses to test messages while viewing real-time metrics such as open rates and bounce rates.

However, despite its long list of pros, email marketing does come with some challenges. Email campaigns often struggle with low open rates, and customers can feel overwhelmed by the volume if they receive too many emails. Here are four strategies to help you create winning, impactful email campaigns.

  • Put customer preference first. Let customers choose the way they are communicated with, how frequently and what type of content they’d like to receive. Giving customers options increases the odds that they will look forward to your content and engage with it rather than unsubscribing. This may mean that some customers choose to opt out of emails in favor of other channels, but don’t be threatened by that. As long as your customers want to hear from you, the specific channel becomes less important.
  • Offer value. Think about the purpose behind your emails and be sure to offer something that is valuable to your customers, not just company lip-service. Coupons and promotions are always popular, as well as helpful tips, targeted cross-sell opportunities and fun feature articles. Tap into your metrics regularly to see which content is getting the most interest, and lean into that.
  • Be reliable. Whether it’s weekly, monthly or any cadence in between, create a campaign schedule that your company can maintain. This lets your company connect with customers on a regular basis while creating an expectation from customers on how often they’ll hear from you. And as long as your content is valuable, don’t worry about picking a weekly pattern. Almost half of consumers (49 percent) actually want promotional emails from their favorite brands on a weekly basis.1
  • Mix it up. Get creative in how you communicate within the email body. Interactive content can increase the click-through rate by 73 percent, and adding videos to your email can increase click rates by 300 percent!1

Good email marketing takes some effort, but when you get it right, it can pay off big time. The ROI for an email marketing campaign can be as high as $42 for every dollar spent.2 As a specialist in the automated, electronic environment, Matrix can help you produce comprehensive, integrated e-solutions that improve your business efficiencies and maximize your targeted growth.

With a strategic approach, email marketing can boost customer loyalty and seamlessly connect to transactional communications. Contact us today to get started.