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Welcome to the Throttle family!

In order to begin setting up artwork, please provide the following for your shop.

Our Design Team will design your artwork to match your online presence whenever possible.

For example: If you own a car wash, you can upload the logo and/or images here.

A "co-op marketing" program is a partnership with a major oil company. Requirements are that you advertise their brand on your mailed collateral to receive co-op funds in return. Emailed communications do not qualify for co-op funds.

Thank you for providing artwork files!

Now, let's talk about artwork best practices. Artwork should be clean and easy for a customer to digest. Just because your shop can do a lot, doesn't mean you should visually overload your customers. Keeping your artwork focused is important. Our design team will create your cards with these best practices in mind.

Here are some samples of good vs. bad postcards.

Good Artwork Samples:

Clean and to the point! No extra information or logos cluttering up the art. It's clear this is related to an oil change. Use of a well photographed shop image helps your customers recognize your shop. Here is an example of using relevant imagery to express a different type of reminder: State Inspections

Bad Artwork Samples:

So much clutter! What is the focus? There's too much info and logos cluttering up the art. Advertising all that your shop can do prevents you from utilizing the purpose of this card: Your customer is due for an oil change...but can they tell? Here's another example of why relevant and well photographed imagery is vital for different types of reminders: State Inspections?

Here is an example of a postcard back. Customers are able to focus on the important content if kept clean and clutter free. Coupons should be easy to understand. The available ad space should not be overloaded with too much content.

Thank you for completing this form. If everything looks good, click Submit below.

A Throttle Account Manager will review your entries and will contact you shortly to follow up with any questions and/or to provide you a proof of your artwork to review.

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