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Searchable Online Archive of Customer Statements

Search & View Bill

Fast Electronic Access to a Searchable Billing Statement Database Within Hours of Submitting Your Data.

Your Customer Service Representatives get:
  • Fast access from any internet-connected computer
  • Exact replicas of customers’ printed bills
  • The option to instantly e-mail a copy of any bill
Set-Up is Fast & Flexible
  • Send files via secure FTP, DataProse Web Portal or E-Mail
  • Send a single data stream for both Print/Mail and Search & ViewBill
  • Search by Account Number or User-Defined Customer ID
A Turnkey Solution
  • No Hosting or Storage Issues – We host the data on our servers
  • No Software Issues – Use standard web browsers and Adobe® Reader®
  • Disaster Avoidance – We maintain multiple, high availability servers and offsite back-up facilities
Maximizes Your Bottom Line
  • Prompt, accurate customer service
  • Faster dispute resolution
  • Faster payments