enter the Matrix.

Comprehensive, Seamlessly Integrated E-Solutions.

Matrix specializes in the automated, electronic environment. By offering comprehensive, integrated e-solutions, Matrix improves your business efficiencies and maximizes your targeted growth. Our electronic ecosystem allows you to upload job requests, automatically placing them into our production queue. You also receive updates at any time, have your documents archived and take advantage of our e-bill payment services. Paperless with Matrix means accountability, precision and real-time data availability.

Minimize IT Costs

Matrix handles software integration, hardware implementation, data storage, redundancy, maintenance and administration of systems.

Store Less

Put your cash to better use by taking it out of inventory. House everything safely online through Matrix.

Complete the Cycle

Get paid more often. Allow customers to set up recurring payments, payment plans, partial payments and designated payments.

Cross-Sell More

Matrix opens digital channels that allow you to better market products and services to your customers, keeping them close and informed.

Pare Down Postage

Mail will never go away—but you can save dramatically on paper, postage, envelopes and labor by going paperless with Matrix.

Flexible Architecture

You’re not locked into a rigid framework. Begin with statement presentment and add payment modules as you go.

Secure & Compliant.

When it comes to security standards, Matrix goes above and beyond. Our two locations are each highly secured both in terms of cybersecurity and physical points of entry. And Matrix remains HIPAA compliant and SAS 70 Level II certified.